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Best Tips for Earphones and Bluetooth stay in better, sound better and feel better.

  • Your ear was designed for function, not beauty.

  • Earphones and earbuds are small and portable, and that's the best part about them, but because they are small enough to fit in the ear, earphones bypass all the great sound channeling features that were built into the anatomy of the ear. Those flaps and folds and curves aren't just for looks, they help funnel and direct sound waves into the ear canal. Unfortunately, earphones skip over the natural features that help guide sound into our ears.
  • Poor fit contributes to poor sound quality.

  • You know that a poor fit makes earphones fall out easily, but did you know that a poor fit is also the primary cause of that shrill, tinny sound and lack of bass many people experience with earphones? Flat face style earphones, like the Apple earphones that were sold with the iPod classic and early iPhones, sport a large, 14mm diameter speaker "under the grille." Because of the large speaker size, Original Apple brand earphones can produce good quality sound with ample bass. However, these and other flat faced style earphones have an uncontrolled fit to the ear: They hook over the fold of the ear called the intertragic notch, and the speaker face rests roughly outside the ear canal. Other earphones have additional hoops that loop around the outside of the ear to keep the earpieces from tumbling out, but none of these types of earphones align the speaker with the unique path of your ear canal or provide sound isolation. As a result, users have described the sound as thin and tinny.
  • Small speaker size trims bass output from in-ear earphones.

  • In-ear earphones have gained in popularity as listeners look for ways to improve their listening experience, while the flexible tips of in-ear headphones can help earphones stay in, the smaller speaker size can noticeably reduce the bass. In-ear style earphones typically use smaller speakers, 9 to 11 mm in diameter. A 10mm speaker has about half the surface area of the 14mm speaker used in Original Apple Earphones. When it comes to bass output, speaker area matters, and bass output can suffer with in-ear earphones.
  • Acoustibuds Tips make Earphones stay in better.

  • Original Acoustibuds Soft Tips fit Apple Earphones and similar flat faced earphones and Bluetooth. Flexible Acoustibuds Tips increase comfort and keep earphones from falling out. Soft fins bend to customize the fit between the earpiece and your ear. The pliable silicone tips resist sweat, and fins flex to dissipate tugs, so earphones stay in better whether you are lounging around or doing serious exercise.
  • Acoustibuds Tips make Earphones sound better.

  • The best way to improve audio delivery is to use Acoustibuds Tips on your earphones and Bluetooth. Acoustibuds Tips are made from stretchy, high tear strength silicone, so the entire tip flexes and conforms to the unique curves of your ear. Inside Acoustibuds, sound is channeled from the speaker, through a trumpet-shaped port into the ear. By controlling the seal to your ear and guiding the sound waves into the ear, Acoustibuds Tips provide great sound isolation and enhanced bass.
  • Acoustibuds Tips make Earphones feel better.

  • Acoustibuds Tips provide a soft, silicone cushion between the earpiece and your ear for a personalized fit that stays comfortable for hours.

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