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Product FAQs

What do the numbered sizes mean?

The numbered sizes refer to the number of complete fins on the part. As the number of fins increases, the size increases.

What size should I use?

Different sizes can be used for different reasons, so experiment and try all the sizes.Some people use one size in their left ear and a different size in their right ear.

Aside from fit and comfort, different sizes play a role in audio. A larger size will fit more snugly in your ear canal and will block more ambient sounds and boost the bass tones.

What's in the box?

Model EPB-Black Tips
for Apple Earpods

Black - 2 Size Pack
Mini Wire Clip
for Earphones

Black - 2 Clips Per Pack


Original Soft Tips
for Earphones

Black - 3 Size Packs


Original Soft Tips
for Earphones

Black - 2 Size Packs

How do I clean Acoustibuds?

Wash with liquid soap and water. Rinse away soapy film. Shake off water and allow to dry inside and out.