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Acoustibuds Tips and How-To Guide

Acoustibuds Tips and How-To Guide

How Do I Put Acoustibuds in my Ears?

First, slip ACOUSTIBUDS over the earpiece of your earphones, stretching until secure. Avoid covering the acoustic bass vents on your earphones.

'Walk' ACOUSTIBUDS into the ear with an up-down wiggle motion. Do not push ACOUSTIBUDS straight in like conventional in-ear buds. This 'walking' technique helps to improve overall contact of the fins with the ear and avoids hang ups on the way in. Installed as intended, ACOUSTIBUDS Tips have a 'cushy' feel that is different than other earphones because ACOUSTIBUDS' soft fins contact more area within the ear. This is what helps keep your earphones secure, comfortable and in the best position for audio.

If you have difficulty with fitting at first, it's likely because you need to try a different installation technique for your unique ear shape. An effective alternate technique is to take one hand, put it over your head and grab the top of your ear pulling it slightly upward. Wiggle ACOUSTIBUDS into the ear with the other hand as described. This essentially tensions the ear and holds it still during installation.

Your ear canal may go in a direction you did not anticipate. ACOUSTIBUDS tips are slightly angled. Try with the tip angled down to start. Reposition angled left, right or up if this improves the fit. No matter what installation technique you try, ACOUSTIBUDS have no rigid center to poke your ear.

What Size Acoustibuds Tips Should I Use?

Ears really don't come in small, medium and large. The shape and path of your ear canal and the surrounding area is quite unique and often not related to your body size or gender. Many people can use more than one size of ACOUSTIBUDS, and your left ear may take a different size than your right. Generally speaking, the larger the size you use, the more sound isolation you will get, and the more pronounced the bass will be.

Listen to your Mom: Turn Down the Volume and Watch for Traffic

Turn the volume all the way down at first and then increase to a safe and comfortable listening level. Most people can listen at a reduced volume because of the way ACOUSTIBUDS flexible fins fit and create a gentle seal to the ear. Experiment with different EQ settings (on most iPods) to complement the improved fit.

Please heed the warnings shown. Portable electronic devices are a distraction. Do not use in areas where there is traffic.

How to Use
How to Use