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  • Acoustibuds Earbuds for iPhone6
  • Acoustibuds staysbetter Earbuds for iPhone6
  • Acoustibuds soundsbetter Earphones for iPhone6
  • Acoustibuds Earphone tips for iPhone 6 feels better
  • Acoustibuds for Amazon Fire Premium Headphones
  • Acoustibuds Earphone sport tips for iPod
  • Acoustibuds Earphone Sport Tips for Musel1
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Looking for inexpensive earphone solutions? Here are the best tips … literally!

Flush fitting tips fit over select Apple EarPods, Earphones and Bluetooth headsets

  • Acoustibuds EPB Flexible Sport Tips Fit Apple Earpods, Flat Faced Earphones and Bluetooth Headsets
  • Original Style Tips fit flat faced earphones and Bluetooth
  • Not compatible with in-ear stem style earphone
  • Flexible Fins conform to ear for great fit, improved sound isolation and bigger bass
  • Better fit keeps earphones and Bluetooth from falling out
  • Soft, Hypoallergenic Silicone for durability and comfort

Acoustibuds tips can bring new life to your old earphones. Acoustibuds Tips stretch and fit over the earpiece of your earphones. Soft fins mold to the shape of your ear for comfort and a better fit. Sweat-resistant tips keep earphones secure even during workouts. One of the first things you will notice when using Acoustibuds tips is the improved sound quality. Flexible Silicone tips help block outside noise and enhance bass. Personalize the fit of your Bluetooth with a soft, silicone cushion between the earpiece and your ear. A custom fit will feel better, and it will help keep your Bluetooth secure in your ear.

Acoustigrip Mini Clips

  • Micro-Sized Clips Attach to Earphone Wires and Clothing to Keep Wires from Tugging on Earphones
  • Clips Stay on Wires so They Don’t Get Lost
  • Clips Stop Tangles – Wrap Earphone Wires around iPhone or iPod between uses
  • Great Solution For Running

Combine Acoustibuds earphone tips with our Acoustigrip Clips for a great solution for running with tunes. Acoustigrip is a portable mini-sized cord clip that clips your earphone wires to your shirt to stop tugs and tangles. Enjoy running while Acoustigrip holds your earphone wires in position. These inexpensive, tiny wire clips are sturdy and lightweight.